How to Build a Brand Online Series this March 2024

Ive been doing design mainly in graphics and web since I was 18 in college but when I was young, I was writing and sketching daily in my notebook or journal alot.

Fast Forward to many years later, I started blogging as a side hustle on my website and posting content on social media like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube and now Tiktok. I learned and adapted to technology along with marketing to build a brand online.

This month of March I will be launching a series to share my experiences and tips that helped me to build a brand online and also helped others to do the same.

Follow my series starting Friday March 1st, 2024 on my Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Tiktok.

instagram: @aj7s_creative

youtube: @aj7screative

tiktok: @annaaj7s

Fall 2023 Business Updates


We are launching a new design fashion collection for our sister brand J29xi on

We are also updating AJ7S website and adding digital products and services.

Check out the website and also all the social media platforms for more info.

thank you,

Anna @ AJ7S

Hello world!

Welcome to This is our new website to replace

AJ7S is our main brand with a group of sister brands includes J29XI and AJ3 Home Designs and AJTravels founded and creative director Anna S. Matias.